50 Steps to Mastering Basic Python Programming

A guide for beginning programmers

How to register the book to get access to the software and videos

If you purchased a new physical edition of the book, use the following procedure to obtain access to the software and videos.

Send an email to learnpython@shaffer.media with the following information:

  • Date of purchase
  • The entire order number; this should look something like 123-1234567-1234567
  • Name on the purchase
  • Name of the person to register the software under (if not the same as the above). If you are a student in a class, be sure to use your official name so your teacher will know who you are.
  • Email address to register the software to.
  • A screen shot of the receipt for the book, which can be obtained from Amazon.com by clicking orders (may say returns and orders), then clicking invoice in the block showing your textbook purchase.

Be sure to include all of the above to avoid delays.

Allow 5 days for processing, especially in January, May and August. The response time might be much faster.