50 Steps to Mastering Basic Python Programming

A guide for beginning programmers

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There are two ways to get the book: Electronic edition (faster, easier, and less expensive) or Paperback (via Amazon). Some people really prefer to have a physical copy and so this is an option, but the fastest, easiest and least expensive approach is to buy the electronic edition.

Please note that, whether electronic or physical, if you buy a used copy it will not be eligible for the free use of the videos and software.

Access to the free software and videos is for 6 months and is a one-time only benefit.

If you buy the electronic edition right here, it will be sent to you electronically within 24 hours, it will cost less, and it will be automatically registered for access to the videos and software. Please note that if you buy the electronic edition, you can not return it.

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If you buy the paperback edition on Amazon, this will require you to wait for (and possibly pay for) shipping, and also to do a second step to register your book to get access to the videos and software. It also costs more.

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  • Paperback (physical copy)
  • More expensive
  • Have to wait for shipping
  • May have to pay for shipping
  • Extra step to register your book for the software and videos
  • Subject to Amazon’s return policies